CHANGE is inevitable... but it doesn't have to be hard!

We specialize in helping you SHIFT from where you (or your children)
are -- to where you want to be...
quickly... effortlessly... and permanently.

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     If you've landed here, you may be longing to change something in your life or your child's life. You      understand things are not as they seem. You wonder what the higher meaning of it all is... And you       are ready to find out and move forward to thrive - on purpose!    

     Hi - I'm Pam Ragland. Since before 1984, I've been helping people change. At the heart of any          change, is understanding what helps you navigate it quickly-with the least resistance and most success. Pam Ragland

Through lots of experience, observation, and divine inspiration, I developed the leading methods to help you create the life or business you and your kids desire... you know, the one that may only exist in your head.

After realizing by accident I helped my son with Autism-my world expanded to helping kids with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and their parents - including navigating the maze of the broken special education systems so kids with special needs can understand their value - and thrive!  

    Achieve what you may have only dreamt of... for yourself and your kids...
    and do it quickly -  effortlessly - permanently.



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